Presentations and super workshops accommodate 100+ students. They are a great way to showcase the amazing things that are possible with a career in IT and allow you to share your personal journey. These sessions are approximately 45 minutes long.

Here are some suggested themes to help you plan your presentation.

  • Tech heroes and role models: Profile a female role model who has paved the way for young women.
  • Hacking: Who are well known hackers and is there such a thing as ethical hacking?
  • Technology of the future: Beyond hover boards, Google glasses and drones, what’s next?
  • Then and now: Take a look at IT through history, talk about significant milestones and what inspired you to pursue a career in IT.
  • Human stories: How did you get your start in IT? Talk about your journey and the path you took to IT.
  • Tech and the world: How is technology impacting the world we live in? Discuss the environmental, social, humanitarian impact of tech
  • Left brain game: Talk about the creative side of IT, it’s not all about computers. Show how imagination and ingenuity play a role in IT.
  • Rise of the machines: Robotics has come a long way and is already part of our lives, how will robotics and artificial intelligence shape our future?
  • The future of games and entertainment: The HoloLens, 3D and 4D has revolutionised the gaming and entertainment experience; what’s next?

Please also see our Tips for all presenters.

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