We want you to act as a role model for the girls who attend – it’s our goal to inform, educate and inspire them so they can see that a career in IT opens doors and creates opportunities they may never have dreamed possible. Whatever you want to present, the new session formats allow you to be more interactive and really show off some amazing things a career in IT has to offer.

To help get your creativity flowing and create an unforgettable presentation or workshop for your audience of Year 5-12 girls, here are a few tips:

Walk in their shoes: Think back to when you were deciding on a career. What influenced you? What inspired you? Or, if you’ve moved into IT later in your career, what lead you to this industry?

Share where IT has taken you: Have you travelled, studied, worked on projects they will relate to, or be inspired by? Have you broken records, won awards, or challenged thinking? Show the girls what can be achieved when you work in IT.

Get passionate: Talk about what makes you get up every day and do the work you love – what is it about a career in IT that keeps you striving for more?

Unleash your creativity: Step outside the traditional text-based PowerPoint and use pictures, GIFs, videos, props, gadgets, humour and whatever else you can think of to make your presentation engaging and innovative.

Plan for questions: Remember that each session will need to allow for Q&A time, so think ahead and be prepared for this!

Keep it simple and practice, practice, practice: Don’t overdo the complicated tech speak – use simple language to tell stories, rather than delivering definitions. And importantly, practice what you plan to say or how you want to deliver your workshop. Practice makes perfect!

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