History of Go Girl, Go for IT

This free careers event has been running in Victoria since 2001.

The first event took place at Monash University in 2001 and have subsequently been organised by Vic ICT for Women in 2006, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016, all at Deakin University.

Since 2001, thousands of secondary school girls have attended Go Girl events.

The first 6 events were 2-day events until the format changed in 2014 to a single day.

Past ambassadors and themes

Each event has an ambassador who headlines the careers showcase with a theme that ties in the latest IT trends.

2016   Any Girl 4 IT
: Sophie Blachford, Brand Manager, Instagram

2014   IT is it
 Karen Stocks, MD, Twitter Australia

2012   Shape your World
Janet Matton, Vice President of Operations at IBM

2010   IT’s Possible: Step into the Digital Age
 Jacqueline Korhonen, MD and CEO, Infosys Australia and New Zealand

2008   Behind the Scenes  
 Marianne Broadbent, Senior Partner at NGS Global

 Jane Treadwell, CIO at State Government of Victoria