Pavithra Ramamurthy.

I have always valued community support and volunteering as a prime factor in life.

In my initial time as an international student in this amazing university, I came across multiple opportunities to help the fellow students to grow better and to connect and network with their corresponding field representatives better. Me, having chosen my field as IT, worked closely with the careers department and the SSAA and the clubs within SSAA which are relevant to me.

It took me the first semester to get the lay of the land, being new to Australia and all that. But, once I entered the second semester, I started involving myself in multiple activities both inside and outside of my university time. Within the University, I helped in setting up the ISSG committee which was a part of the SSAA at the time and helped in organizing multiple events. I have personally helped gather quite a volunteering support from the student body for the ISSG Group and this helped me in getting the voice of the student body. Using the experience from this I stood for the position of the Disability representative within the Swinburne Student Union. I was elected by my friends and the student community to represent the Differently abled students to get the best education that this amazing nation possibly can provide.

During all of this, I was also using the time I had left, to work with the Boroondara council to help the elderly to accept the new technologies as part of their life. I helped each week by teaching them what Facebook, Twitter is, and email along with what is an iPad and how to set up each of these for them and how to use them on a day to day basis. This experience taught me how to be patient and how to understand the needs of each person in a unique way as they themselves are unique. I also worked with the university in the planning of the Master Plan 2020 to include the special considerations for the Differently abled students.

After me holding the post of the Disability representative for one semester, in the next elections I stood for the position of the International Student Representative within the SSU and also during the same time frame I also had the opportunity to work with the different departments within Swinburne to organize and host the best ICT Student Industry dinner in 2014. I was elected as the international student representative and was asked to represent Swinburne in the ISANA conference in Adelaide. During the time organizing the ICT Student Industry panel, I had the opportunity to work with the ICT industry professionals and making connections with them and building the relationship with them helped me in understanding the work landscape in the Australian Job market.

During my final semester, I worked as an intern in NGA.NET designing the Sales Strategy for the entire organization. This gave me an opportunity to employ the multitude of skills that, I have learnt within the university. This and the amazing opportunity of working closely with the ICT professionals, helped me in developing the skills that are required for the current job market.

From my perspective, the best skills that can be learnt / honed during the university time frame is the ability to serve the community, working with people from wide walks of the life within the university. The best ways to get yourself employed is to make use of the careers department within Swinburne and their Resume Check. Always network when you are both outside the university and when you are within. Most of the faculty are experienced members from the corresponding field who will be able to help a struggling but deserving student with either an advice or a referral.

I like to take people on a journey which they will enjoy and cherish. Every time I provide a change or solution for a problem/scenario, it gives me a sense of happiness and a state of peace that enables me to help people more.