Here at Go Girl we want to showcase some of the amazing women already working in IT and give them a chance to tell you their story.

Everyone has a unique pathway into a career in IT and these IT heroes want to share theirs with you.


"What drives me the most is that I BELIEVE in what I do, I am passionate about the environment, passionate about protecting it; knowing that I am doing my best to make a change drives me every day."


"I’m passionate about startups, contemporary dance, internet cat memes, and making connections with compelling businesses for whom I can be an advocate and advisor."


"I like to take people on a journey which they will enjoy and cherish. Every time I provide a change or solution for a problem/scenario, it gives me a sense of happiness and a state of peace that enables me to help people more."

"As a business owner I appreciate the value of diversity and the perspective that women bring into the workplace. I want to give back by encouraging women into the IT industry, it’s not the geeky place it used to be."


"I’ve been in development for 15 years, I’ve worked in Perth, London and Melbourne, I’ve taken multiple sabbaticals and travelled the world."


"Being one of few women in my field, I hope to inspire girls to be able to see just how exciting it is to be a woman in the field of cybersecurity."


"The IT of 50 years ago is gone – today’s IT is focussing on collaboration, embracing people from all different walks of life, diversity in the workforce, and removing the stereotypes that exist."


"I studied arts and thought my career would be in writing and editing. Instead I ended up writing code and building experiences for users."


"My first experience with Go Girl, Go for IT was as a year 8 student going to one of the first events. At that age I thought IT was for geeky gamers who sat in dark basements with no social lives and studying IT seemed to be something totally against my outgoing, active nature."

Highlights from Go Girl, Go for IT 2016

About the organiser

Go Girl, Go for IT is a program run by the Victorian ICT for Women network, an industry-driven initiative that aims to support and enable entry, retention and progression for women working in ICT.