Go Girl, Go for IT is a program run solely by volunteers as part of the Victorian ICT for Women network. Go Girl, Go for IT has the mission to change the under-representation of women working in STEM by inspiring and educating young girls about the myriad of career opportunities.  

The Go Girl, Go for IT event is fully sponsored and run 100% by volunteers. There are two ways to volunteer, in stream and on the day.

In Stream Volunteer

In stream volunteers help plan and shape the event from the start, and we need talent! Each stream plays an important part in executing a successful event. Volunteers dedicate their time and share from their experience in the creation, execution, and delivery of each Go Girl, Go for IT event.

Interested? Pick a stream below that best meets your existing skill or talent, or look into new avenues in which you’d like to grow.

Leadership Team

The Leadership Team Volunteers strategically plan and shape the organisation from the start. Lead Volunteers dedicate their time to managing and coordinating their teams to deliver the Go Girl, Go for IT program.

We are looking for people who can give approximately up to 12 hours per week of their time which includes meetings and tasks.

Director of Account Management

Customer Experience Director

Event Management Director

Director of Schools Liaison

Communications Stream

In this stream, we create content and visuals for online, web, press releases, interviews, below the line material and much more. We are also responsible for branding and merchandising. The accompanying Role Descriptions provide a guide for the type of skills we are seeking for the upcoming event in 2020.

We are looking for people who can give approximately 4 hours per week of their time which includes meetings and tasks.

Communications Guru

Volunteers Stream

The Volunteers team is the HR organisation for the Go Girl, Go for IT event and liaises with every team to determine requirements and expectations for volunteers, as well as organising the Thank You event for all volunteers and Sponsors.

Program Controls / Project Management

The Project Management team seeks to pragmatically work with teams to turn ideas into reality by applying project management techniques to foresee challenges, prioritise and progress work and to apply an appropriate level of coordination and governance across the Go Girl program.

Events Stream

The Events team manages both the Go Girl, Go for IT event and the support events leading up to it. They focus on communication, organisation and logistics management skills, and are keen to meet volunteers who wish to develop in these areas!

School Liaison

The Schools Liaison team manages the relationship and communication with schools, and management of transport and logistics for schools for the Go Girl, Go for IT event.


The Tradeshow team are responsible for experience design and event delivery of the trade show space, which is the centre piece or expo for the day. This includes brand-aligned creative design of expo spaces, partnering with industry sponsors to create booth concepts that engage girls in technology and manage all the regular event logistics including bump in/out, AV and sound requirements, OH&S and post-event reporting and activities.

Information on Customer Journey, Account Management and Sponsorship streams to come…………

On the day Volunteer

The Go Girl, Go for IT event is a fully packed day and run only by volunteers. Every event we have hundreds of volunteers on the day helping to manage bus-loads of students, speakers and exhibitors. If you’re interested in being part of this amazing day please get in touch via the below form.