Do you want to change someone's life as well as your own? Research shows that volunteering is linked to good health – so it’s a win-win! There is still time to get involved if you’re not already, as we are looking for people who are passionate about engaging with the girls and their teachers and giving them a great day out on the day! We want this event to be better than if they’d stayed in their classrooms – that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve should it!? Bear in mind, we will have 2000 schoolgirls plus their teachers, so it’s like herding… well… schoolgirls.


If you volunteer for the event, you also need to attend the mandatory induction on Sat Aug 11th so we can arm you with the info you need. This is the day where we help you help us – so ask lots of questions! We want you walking in on the 16th totally confident and knowing what your job is.

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