Prashasti Pradha

This month we caught up with Prashasti Pradhan previous volunteer at Go Girl Go for IT event in 2018 and current participant in Grad Girls. Prashasti who is currently pursuing her Masters’ in Information Technology, talks about how Go Girl has reaffirmed her desire to pursue a career in data analytics in the near future.

GGG4IT: Tell us about yourself and what you do.

Prashasti: I've been in the Information Technology industry for the past three years. Prior to coming to Australia, I was a software engineer in India. I was really interested in data analytics and hence I decided to pursue a post graduate degree in the same subject. I'm currently in my final semester at Swinburne University.

GGG4IT: When did you participate in Go Girl, and in what capacity?

Prashasti: I volunteered at Go Girl in 2018 as a Speaker Buddy. I had read about Go Girl a couple of weeks before, and I instantly knew I wanted to be a part of such an inspiring event. I jumped on to the website to register for volunteering. As a Speaker Buddy, I was an on-the day volunteer, responsible for accompanying the speakers to the venue and introducing them to the audience. Seeing the amazing atmosphere on the day, with so many schoolgirls given an opportunity to discover the many different IT career options available out there, made me wish I had the same opportunity to participate in such an event when I was a student.

GGG4IT: Are you still involved in Go Girl?

Prashasti: I'm definitely going to volunteer at the next Go Girl event in 2020. Being a volunteer at Go Girl introduced me to the Grad Girls program, an initiative by Vic ICT for Women for female undergraduate students in the field of IT. I've been a part of this program since February and it's been incredible to obtain insights from different companies, the roles available to graduate students and to experience the office environment and meet people who've been working in the tech industry. Being a part of both Go Girl and Grad Girls has affirmed my confidence to stay in this field and keep abreast with new trends in IT.

GGG4IT: What does a career in IT look like to you?

Prashasti: At Uni, I gained knowledge on so many different subjects in IT but one area that I'm particularly attracted to is data analysis and data visualisation. Having had the opportunity to intern at one of the major telecommunications companies in the country last summer, I've discovered the enormity of data and the amount of insight it can generate if visualised correctly. I really want to enhance my data skills and I aspire to pursue a career in data analytics.

GGG4IT: What would be your advice to girls today?

Prashasti: My advice to girls would be to explore all the options available out there. Don't let people tell you that you can't do something. Find and follow your passion. Attend events like Go Girl to learn about various career options in IT and STEM. Get inspired. The world really is your oyster.