Director of Schools Liaison

Commencement Date: ASAP

Duration: 18 months

Time Commitment: 4 – 12 hours per week or as required in order to achieve your responsibilities


Go Girl, Go For IT is a program run by the Victorian ICT for Women organisation. Go Girl, Go for IT is not its own entity, but rather a program owned by the parent organisation, Vic ICT for Women.

The program’s main objective is to excite and engage female primary & secondary school students and to introduce them to the vast range of career options available in IT, encouraging them to consider IT as a career.

Your Purpose

You drive your success and the success of your team through inspirational leadership and management and active collaboration by:

  • developing an operating rhythm that engages a high performing team who love what they do and deliver great outcomes

  • being the face of Go Girl, Go for IT operations for Victorian School representatives, making sure they are always informed and have a great experience dealing with us

You don't just design a great experience for our schools, you achieve it. You're a leader.

Your Team

You’re a member of a high performing leadership team who all direct various parts of the Go Girl, Go for IT program. No area is more important than the other, you’re an ecosystem, each playing a critical role in the successful execution of Go Girl. You’re all hard-working and committed to this great cause. You’re also collaborative, you take ownership of the program’s success in its entirety.

You lead a team who are all equally hard working, dedicated and brilliant humans.


The primary responsibility of this role is to recruit a Schools Liaison team and motivate them in all activities associated with engaging and maintaining relationships with Schools. You’re committed to supporting each event offered by the Go Girl program. Specific responsibilities include:

  • leadership of a scrum team of up to 9 resources (scaling as demand requires)

  • all activities associated with the engagement and participation of Victorian Schools

  • scoping, planning and creating and managing a budget of activities required to support the Schools Engagement function, including:

    • communication with schools to encourage attendance, answer queries, provide them with updates

    • liaison with Program, Facilities and Tradeshow teams to plan event logistics

    • facilitation of approval of transport funding requests, if required

  • delivery meeting required deadlines, dependencies and budgets

  • maintenance of registers of schools’ attendance

  • seeking approval from the Marketing and Communications Director for communications to schools

  • ensuring permission slips are received from schools

  • sourcing and packing of lanyards for use by attendees (girls) at each event

  • resolution of operational issues

  • management of risks and issues

  • management of the Go Girl Schools’ mailbox

  • arranging and minuting team meetings

  • documenting questions and decisions, including those sent to other Go Girl areas

  • monthly status reporting

  • attendance at Program Scrum of Scrum meetings

  • liaising with all customer journey touch-points in the org structure

You’re working with

  • Managing Director, Go Girl, Go for IT

  • Associate Managing Director, Go Girl, Go for IT

  • Director of Marketing and Communications

  • Director of Account Management

  • Director of Logistics

  • Director of Tradeshow

  • Director of Volunteers

  • Director of Sponsorship

  • Director of Speakers

  • Scrum Master and Project Management Team

  • Director of Customer Journeys

  • Customer Journey Team members

  • Your direct reports

  • Sponsors and possibly speakers

  • Any other stakeholders required to ensure a great outcome

Role requirements

Qualifications / Experience

  • 5+ leadership experience in a schools-related role preferred but not essential

  • Strong track record of working within a large program of work in a leadership role preferred but not essential

  • Ideally, previous experience volunteering, or leading a volunteer team

Skills / Knowledge

  • Excellent leadership and organisational skills with the ability to lead, motivate & manage teams.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate complex thoughts and ideas clearly to a variety of audiences

  • Proven interpersonal, influencing and negotiation skills

  • Ability to empower the team members to share the responsibility of liaising with the other streams & also the speakers

  • Ability to work in a team environment