Committee and Teams

Go Girl, Go For IT is the entry point for young girls to be involved in the Victorian ICT for Women network that has the purpose to support and empower women into leadership roles in IT.

 Go Girl, Go For IT is solely run and organised by a group of incredibly talented and dedicated volunteers who make up our Steering Committee and corresponding teams. Each team member donates up to four hours of their time each week to create change for women in the IT sector



Chris Skipper-Conway

Chair of Vic ICT for Women

My agenda is to see Australia have access to a more balanced and diverse workforce to ensure we have an IT industry in the future. I am a passionate advocate of equal opportunity having grown up in South Africa at a time when minority groups were privileged and an overwhelming proportion of the general population was discriminated against.

Managing Director

Louiza Nutt2.jpg

Louiza Nutt

Program Director

Head of Technology Practices and Capability, MLC Life Insurance

Raised by parents who were ‘gender blind’, she feels passionate about gender diversity and equality. Louiza has been working in the IT industry for over 12 years and is frequently the only woman in the meeting room. She is strongly committed to being part of the solution, raising awareness within the workforce and amongst her social groups. She is an enthusiastic innovator and problem solver and enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to new problems.

Louiza spends her spare time participating in fitness activities such as going to the gym, cycling, hiking, running and anything else fun and/or challenging which comes her way.

Louiza is also the co-owner of TripFit Adventures, a company which takes Melbournians and visitors out on fun, active days around Melbourne and surrounds.



Kira Eviston

Marketing & Communications Director

Senior User Experience Design Consultant, Transpire

Kira has been in the design industry for over 12 years. She has also worked as a hybrid marketing-design professional for eight of those years across the Finance, Government and Creative industries.

For her day job, Kira creates validated designs for websites, mobile apps and customer experiences that are user-friendly as well as beautiful.

Kira has been involved in Go Girl since November 2017 within the communications stream.

Trade Show

Jo Smyth.png

Jo Smyth

Trade Show Director

Jo works with organisations to deliver business strategy through organisational culture, people experience and change leadership.

As a partner to business leaders, Jo works to design and deliver meaningful change experiences for people that drive engagement and foster creative leadership. Using design thinking to redefine business problems and identify alternative strategies and solutions. Creating a culture of business agility to deliver sustainable business outcomes.

Jo is an experienced Board professional, with a leadership portfolio focused on education and employability outcomes, contributing to the role of social enterprise to achieve good outcomes in early childhood and research, school and vocational, and specialist science and technology education.

Program Management


Mike Bigg-Wither

Program Director

A 30 year career as a customer-focussed corporate professional within the banking industry. Mike has significant project, risk and change management and commercial experience, with particular expertise in recovering and leading major project portfolios.

Beginning a career within front line and back office roles at ANZ, Mike has a very strong customer service focus and understands the customer and staff impacts of change. Mike has gained satisfaction from identifying and implementing improvements to customer-based services throughout his career. Possessing strong communication and influencing skills, Mike has proven himself highly capable of managing multiple stakeholders and conflicting priorities. He has a strong focus on issue, risk and change management disciplines which has positioned him well to lead and successfully complete high value and critical projects.

Mike is committed to gender diversity and equality in all workplaces and is keen to do whatever he can to ensure his three daughters and all women are given a fair go.



Jessica Huynh

Volunteers Director

Jessica is a Delivery Lead at NTT working on a large portfolio of projects for clients. She has worked in a number of project and program coordination, and project management roles within the Automotive, FMCG and IT Consulting industries.

Having a career in IT has given her so many opportunities that she wished more females would explore. Ever since her university days - and when she first joined the Go Girl committee as a Comms Lead for the 2010 event - she is passionate about introducing IT careers to young girls and showcasing the breadth and depth of opportunities available in IT.

Jessica is currently the Director of Volunteers for the 2020 Go Girl, Go for IT.