Meet the Go Girl Team Part 6: Tradeshow

The Go Girl, Go for IT 2016 team is made up of 9 streams which will be introduced through in a series of blog posts.

Part 6: Tradeshow

The Tradeshow team is in charge of creating, planning and running the Tradeshow Expo at Go Girl. This is where sponsors and partners of Go Girl will be able to set up their booths, and showcase their companies and the IT careers they present.

The Tradeshow team are planning an awesome expo with interactive technology components where girls will be able to play around with a digital wall, pick their own music to play in the background via an app, take photos in the Insta-Photo Booth, command robots using phones, attend 3D printing demos, and talk to leading companies in the IT industry about what they do in IT, and how they got into their roles.  Attending girls will also be able to pick up a free showbag that we organise filled with tech sponsored goodies!

Our large team is made up of amazing IT professionals who have dedicated their own time to own and support the Tradeshow; by working on the concepts, processes, and logistics to pull together such a big and fun filled event.

If you have any questions about the Tradeshow please contact the team at