Meet the Go Girl Team Part 7: Facilities

The Go Girl, Go for IT 2016 team is made up of 9 streams which will be introduced through in a series of blog posts.

Part 7:  Facilities Team.

The Facilities team are Deakin University staff who liaise with the Go Girl steering committee to ensure that the event has all the space it needs to provide you with a fun, engaging and interesting day finding out about a career in IT. The team consists of just three passionate volunteers who between them have over 20 years’ experience organising and running Go Girl events.

Deakin University sponsors the event by providing the rooms, the technical infrastructure and other resources to accommodate the talks, workshops and trade show. You will have access to wifi through Deakin’s networks when you are on campus so bring your smartphones, iPads and tablets! You will be able to engage interactively with many of the activities on the day.

Deakin University’s Burwood campus is currently undergoing major renovation works but don’t worry, we have plan B and plan C in place to ensure you have a great experience on the day.

We look forward to seeing many of you at Deakin on 16th August.