Meet the Go Girl Team Part 5: Account Management

The Go Girl, Go for IT 2016 team is made up of 9 streams which will be introduced through in a series of blog posts.

Part 5:  Account Management Team.

Have you always wondered what it would be like to be an Account Manager or have wondered what they actually do?  Here is your opportunity to find out.

The Go Girl Account Management team provides a single point of contact for all of our sponsors so they understand the expectations from all parties who require information from them for this large event.  We funnel that information back to the respective teams in a timely manner.  One of the first pieces of information we need to find out is if the sponsor is providing a speaker on the day or if they will be exhibiting in a booth.  There are different Go Girl teams that need this information to enable them to get on with their jobs so we liaise with the sponsor and feed the details back to the relevant team members.

To be part of the Account Management team all you need is good verbal and written communication skills and the ability to provide a high level of customer service.  It gives people a perfect opportunity to trial this career path before committing to a longer term role in an technology organisation.  If you think the role of Account Management is something you have always wanted to aspire to then give it a go by becoming part of our customer oriented team.

To find out more about the Account Management team please contact us the Account Management team lead at