Meet the Go Girl Team Part 2: Schools Liaison Team

The Go Girl, Go for IT 2016 team is made up of 9 streams which will be introduced through in a series of blog posts.

Part 2:  Schools Liaison Team.

Welcome to an insight into the Schools Liaison Team.  It is our job to work with the schools to get them inspired to come along to the event. We kind of figure that without the schools, we really don't have an event. I guess that makes our team super important?  Well, we think so!

So far, we have reached out to all the schools in Victoria and are now working through ways to get more and more of them to come along on the day. Once schools register their interest, it is our job to make all their problems go away. We are here to make it easy for schools to get to the event and to answer any questions they may have.

The most important message for schools is that funding is available to cover the cost of transport.  We want the schools to feel confident that the day is an event they won't want to miss!

Our team leader, Conrad, is making good use of his military and management background to keep us all in line. Or maybe we are all pretty good at that anyway. We are a team who are passionate about encouraging girls to participate in IT and we're looking forward to making Go Girl, Go for IT 2016 great.

To get in touch with the Schools Liaison team please email