Local heroes - Introducing Amber Harli

As part of the lead up to Go Girl, Go for IT 2016 we will be showcasing some of the amazing women who are studying and working in IT and give them a chance to tell you their story. Our local heroes each have a unique story and path to share and showcase the wide range of roles available in IT. To start this series, we are so proud and thrilled to introduce Amber Harli. Amber is a former attendee of Go Girl and is now studying Business Information Systems and is the Tradeshow team deputy lead. We are so happy to have a former Go Girl attendee as part of our team and hope that her story inspires more girls to study IT and choose a career in IT. Amber is living proof that the Go Girl, Go for IT event can have a positive impact on the girls attending and help them make informed decisions about their career.

To read more about Amber, check out our Local Heroes page