Gree Melbourne sponsoring the Go Girl, Go for IT Thank You Event

GREE_Logo_200x52Australian games studio supports women in technology: GREE Melbourne sponsors Go Girl Thank You Volunteer party. The city of Melbourne has grown in recent years as a hub for Australia’s gaming community to live, work and play. Just last year, global mobile games leader GREE chose Melbourne as the location for its next generation of artists, designers and developers, so the Go Girl team is delighted to partner with the studio as they focus on creating innovative mobile games.

GREE, according to Libby Wolfensperger, VP Human Resources, is founded on the belief that a connected world is a better one. “We’re proud to support Go Girl and excited to connect with the people who are committed to this effort and believe in it as much as we do. As a company, everything we do is based around our players. The enjoyment of games isn’t gender specific, so we want our workforce to reflect our player base. It helps us to make better decisions and deliver against our values of innovation and pushing boundaries.”

GREE, which is valued at $1.4 billion, says that it’s making significant development investments in Melbourne. “Our involvement with Go Girl is the perfect overture for GREE to establish itself as a company that encourages women to make an impact in a male-dominated industry,” says Wolfensperger.

Remember, work is play when your job is to make games. Grab your chance to meet the GREE team at the Go Girl Thank You Event on Thursday 25 August.