March 2019 Newsletter - We're Back!

A message from the Managing Director, Go Girl, Go for IT

In a blog shared at the end of 2018, Louiza Nutt talked about the success of the event and her vision moving forward.
“I’d like to thank everybody for their commitment and contribution to the Go Girl, Go for IT program. The event was two years in the making and fully volunteered and 100% sponsored. Our volunteers very generously donated several hours of their personal time for this cause, including some that were involved for the whole two years – and that is dedication! I’d also like to acknowledge and thank our sponsors, without whom the program would not be FREE to attend and accessible for the 1750 Victorian girls who joined us at Deakin University, Burwood in August of this year.  
I’m so excited for the next Go Girl event. We’ve already started planning with a Design Sprint held in November and we’ll be forming our structure and teams in the first half of next year.  We intend to continue to shape the program ensuring we avoid unnecessary complexity and focus on high-value features. We’re collaborating with other partners who are on the same mission to turn the dial and increase the pipeline of women into IT, and we’re innovating on our program to continue to reach #AnyGirl4IT and make it fun and exciting.” 
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Wrap up 2018

1750 girls from years 5-12 attended the 2018 event, from more than 70 schools. attendees were shown how to make a voice activated app with Alexa, learned about robots in banking with Robogals, 3D car design, digital aviation as well as ethical AI.
Students also heard from leading women in the field, including female tech entrepreneur, Ally Watson, founder of Code Like a Girl, who believes that having visible role models
in tech is as equally important as showing them the tech itself, as well as Katie Brennan, TOYOTA ambassador, captain of the Western Bulldogs who thinks that it is important to empower young women to go after their dreams and work past the barriers.
Throughout the day, Go Girl, Go for IT ran a competition for the most creative social post.


Congratulations to the Go Girl, Go for IT 2018 winner!

Tell us who you want as ambassador

We’re looking for a Go Girl Go For IT ambassadors for the 2020 event! Past ambassadors include Ally Watson, CEO & Founder of Code Like a Girl, Sophie Blachford, Brand Manager of Instagram and Karen Stocks, MD of Twitter Australia. You can find a full list of our ambassadors here.
Let us know who you think our next ambassador should be via email before 30 June 2019 and in 100 words or less, tell us why!

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