June Newsletter: less than 3 months to go!

Take a sneak peak at our Program!

Take a look at the Program Teaser that we’ve created to give you an idea of what we have planned for the 2018 event!

Welcome to our new sponsors!

As you know, Go Girl Go For IT wouldn’t be possible without our amazing sponsors, with the entire event being funded through sponsorship donations. We are 100% reliant on fantastic organisations who are equally committed to increasing the number of girls in IT so a huge thank you to our amazing sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors include Deakin University, ANZ and Dream Collective.


Gold Sponsors include AGL, Carsales, MYOB, NAB, Tech Girls and Monash.

Silver Sponsors include AWSN, Computershare, Datacom, Deloitte, GMT People, Resource Solutions Group, Seek, Transurban, University of Melbourne, William Buck, Women's Agenda and Yellow Fin.

Bronze Sponsors include ACS Foundation, Aussie Broadband, AISA, Envato, GE, Google, Kinetic IT, PWC and VLine

Registrations have closed – schools waitlist is open!

Go Girl, Go for IT made history once again with a full event prior to the cut-off date for registrations meaning we've had to create a waitlist for schools!

A total of 53 Secondary Schools and 20 Primary Schools have registered to attend the event, with 20+ schools on the waitlist and this number continues to rise! Never before have we had these numbers.

The response has been phenomenal, and we are thrilled with the diversity that we are seeing with the schools that have registered with 31.5% being regional and 68.5% located in the metro area.

In line with our goal for the 2018 event, on the 16th of August this year, we are expecting 2000 young school girls from all around Victoria to attend Deakin University where they will hear from amazing speakers across all industries. This free careers event will provide the girls with a forum to learn about the incredible range of vocational opportunities in IT for women!

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Social Media Campaigns

We’ve run several social campaigns over the last couple of months including International Women’s Day #IWD, Day in the Life #dayinthelife and many more! Follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram, using our hashtag #AnyGirl4IT, and be the first to receive live updates!

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An inspiring campaign to present what a career in IT could possibly be.


Our Volunteers!

We currently have 100+ amazing volunteers working to support the Go Girl, Go for IT 2018 event.

Do you want to change someone's life as well as your own? Research shows that volunteering is linked to good health – so it’s a win-win!

There is still time to get involved if you’re not already, as we are looking for people who are passionate about engaging with the girls and their teachers and giving them a great day out on the day! We want this event to be better than if they’d stayed in their classrooms – that shouldn’t be too hard to achieve should it!? Bear in mind, we will have 2000 schoolgirls plus their teachers, so it’s like herding… well… schoolgirls.

If you volunteer for the event, you also need to attend the mandatory induction on Sat Aug 11th so we can arm you with the info you need. This is the day where we help you help us – so ask lots of questions! We want you walking in on the 16th of Aug totally confident and knowing what your job is.

Check out our plans for the Go Girl Sponsor Expo!

Providing an impressive and immersive experience for girls and their teachers, the Go Girl Sponsor Expo 2018 is an event not to be missed!

This year, our life-size Go Girl avatar ‘Marigold’ will host our Go Girl Sponsor Expo, providing leadership through human-centred design, innovative thinking and leading technology. We can’t wait for you to see her in all her glory!

More than 2000 girls will have the opportunity to engage with our sponsors, exploring future career opportunities with some of the best and most innovative technology organisations in Australia.

Drawcards and giveaways are the order of the day as our sponsors work hard to impress our girls and play a part in shaping their future careers.

Here is a sneak-peak at what you can expect to see at the expo this year, bringing colour and life to the Go Girl Sponsor Expo 2018.


Help us spread the word!

To help us spread the work about Go Girl, Go for IT 2018, we’ve created a poster that can be downloaded. 

Please share in your workplaces, share at home, share with your friends, share with your peers, share wherever you like to help us spread the word about Go Girl!