2018 Program

The last Go Girl, Go for IT event was held on Thursday 16 August 2018, and was an exciting mixture of interactive presentations, workshops and super workshops, plus a careers tradeshow.

For a sample of what the day was like for the more than 2,000 girls that attended, take a look at our Program Teaser and read below about the different types of workshops and sessions they attended.


Short sessions of 15 minutes, attended by up to 300 people.


Workshops are designed to be interactive sessions of about 45 minutes, which includes time for questions and discussion. They are a chance for around 30 girls to explore hot topics, learn new tech skills, get hands-on with cool gadgets, and see the role IT plays in the workplace.

Super workshops

Also 45 minutes long, super workshops accommodate 100+ students and showcase the amazing things that are possible with a career in IT. Speakers share their personal journeys, passions, inspirations, and views of the future.

Careers expo

As the event focuses on careers, leading employers attend the event to provide advice, insights into their businesses, and of course free show bags for the girls!

Teacher Professional Development

While the girls are hearing from some of the best in the industry, teachers can take time out with a coffee and tailored professional development sessions on digital. We offer three different sessions, and a prize draw


About the organiser

Go Girl, Go for IT is a program run by the Victorian ICT for Women network, an industry-driven initiative that aims to support and enable entry, retention and progression for women working in ICT.

Help us spread the word!

To help us spread the word about Go Girl, Go for IT 2018, we've created a poster that can be downloaded from our website. Please share in your workplaces, with family, with your friends, with your peers, share wherever you like to help us spread the word about Go Girl!